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existential crisis ?

Our world is full of confusions that extend far beyond the illusion of free will. Imagine, for example, what it must have felt like a few hundred years ago when people began to be told that our world is round rather than flat. I suppose many who heard this must have concluded that they were very lucky to be living on top of this Earthly orb, wondering all of the while how people on the bottom kept themselves from falling off into space.

Here’s a poem by my e-pal, Hope, expressing her thoughts and feelings about our lack of free will, and other perplexities of our world.


existential crisis ?
by Hope Klein

The universe is really complex, and there’s nothing you can frigging’ do about it.
Love is a choice. Love was always determined.
Love is everything, they say poetically;
And they’re not wrong,
Love colors every motivation, every step,
Every breath,
Walking through this city,
I look up to the grey sky,
Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning.
Keep walking, keep, walking, now
Science, and logic,
At odds with
Emotions, feelings, the smell of mother’s hot soup
Who cares, though, he says, and laughs up toward
We’re just walking, walking, walking
He strums his guitar,
Notes comb the sky,
Skipping, skipping, skipping stones now
Step step step
The force of our feet
Bam bam bam
The girl waited with rosy cheeks,
Just eager to know,
Waiting, waiting, watching
On a treadmill, there’s nothing to see
The birds fly away now
But why? she asks,
Why is there pain?
Does God just not care?
Nihilism, purposeless,
The birds continue their migration,
Everything moving, nothing moving, depends from where you look I guess,
Chaos and confusion, maybe it all makes perfect sense
A lifelong crisis indeed,
Why anything? Nothing, don’t make me laugh,
Nature will have its way,
Knowledge now flows to knowledge tomorrow,
We’re going up from here to fly for all,


What do you want to know?
Non sequitur…. people,
And terrible caricatures
Don’t demonize…
Staring on, you don’t know what to do now.
Cognitive dissonance
No control
No prediction?
You can’t control everything
A caricature slips in and out of sight,
The people watch terrified,
Hateful, fearful,
How can it be real,
Not just the figure we see?
Shrugs echo through the world,
The figure stares back,
Behind the darkness
Is disillusionment
Caused by whatever
Is that the answer we’re looking for?
Is that the answer to it all?
The figure steps on as the people watch,
The darkness contrasting prominent,
Those people think of the glitch that the figure is a victim of
A glitch in the matrix
What’s terrifying is it being something that’s unable to be fixed
But maybe it can all be fixed
Is knowledge the key to enlightenment?
The key
To slipping off that treadmill?
don’t ask why…Soak in the water
Look up at the sky


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