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A New Free Will Exploration/Debate Forum!

Calling all free will believers, skeptics, and impossibilists!

You are hereby formally invited to join my TV show’s new co-host, Chandler Klebs, and me, George Ortega, on a forum we have just created exclusively to discuss free will belief, and it’s implications. It’s called George and Chandler on Free Will.

We want to become the “Not Even a Flicker of Free Will” alternative to the Flickers of Freedom site that is largely populated by academics who believe that they have a free will, and seem not very interested in engaging in any kind of meaningful online debate about the matter that might possibly disavow them of that pervasive and pernicious illusion.

Our new forum has a unique feature of allowing only two-sentence responses to the thread introduction and subsequent posts. Here’s how it works, as explained on the forum’s “sticky” post:

Feel free to join Chandler and me in our discussions, but understand that posts must be no longer than two sentences While you’re free to join any and all of our discussions, only one post at a time is allowed per thread, until the post is responded to by another participant,(that’s what no multiposting means).

1) You can post more than one message at a time, one immediately after the other, if you’re addressing separate statements by separate previous posters.

2) Quoting a previous poster is allowed, and is not counted as a separate sentence.

3) Use of semi-colon double sentences is allowed, within reason.

4) You can post using more than two sentences if you’re starting a new thread, but even then, lean toward the concise.

The author of any post longer than two sentences will first be notified by the Admin, or the post will be removed, at the Admin’s discretion. (I’ll try to contact you first).

Why this rule?
Anyone who has followed, or taken part in, free will discussions knows that often participants (especially free will-defenders) will resort to extended, overlong, assertions and explanations, presumably under the mistaken notion that additional words will somehow strengthen their argument. Much more often than not, this type of obfuscation only confuses, or diverts, the discussion.

We’ve just recently begun to explore the subject of free will, and it’s implications. Here is a list of the discussion threads we’ve chosen, (well,.. the universe compelled us to choose) to start with;

Why Do Ostensibly Intelligent Scholars Believe in Free Will?

How Free Will Belief Causes Denial

Free Will Belief and Abortion

How Free Will Belief Causes Fear

How Free Will Belief Causes Arrogance

The Free Will Belief Form of Fatalism

Free Will Belief and Life Having Meaning

Free Will and the Difference Between Choice and Free Choice

Definitions and Refutations of Free Will

Free Will and Animals

Why is it More Harmful than Not to Believe in Free Will?

How Do Compatibilists Re-Define Free Will in Defending it?

How Does Free Will Belief Cause Climate Change Denial?

Why Doesn’t Libertarian Free Will Make Sense?

The universe, or God for those theists among us, plans to have us introduce as many new threads as it takes to cover all of the many factors and questions that relate to the matter of human will, and to the debate over whether or not we humans have a free will (spoiler alert: we don’t!). Again, feel free (pun totally intended) to create a new thread, or join one of our ongoing discussions. Here’s the forum’s registration page. Chandler and I look forward to exploring everything about the question of free will with you!


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